What the feck is going on ay?
Earthquakes, floods, a massive moon hanging low in that sky staring monoculus-ly at us (yes that is a real word)
What's it all about New Zealand???
Well, I don't know.
But I do know what is it NOT about.
It is NOT about Gayness.

There are more verses in the bible about the
 correctness of
the subjugation of women to men
than there are about the evilness of being Gay.
So which is the biggest abomination??
  • Women being an equal partner in a marriage rather than in servitude to their husbands.   
  • Women being in control of their own bodies.  
  • Women having choices about what they want to do with their lives.  
  • Women being educated.  
  • Women smashing through glass ceilings and being business and world leaders.  
All of that is more likely to tick off the almighty.  

So all you women out there, in New Zealand, working hard and making amazing successes of your lives, just STOP RIGHT THERE, get your shoes off and get back to your kitchen sinks. 

God is mad at us because of you!!!!!!!!!!!!