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Free short story-Stepping outside the boxing-Olivia Aroha Giles-published in Pikihuia 9

Posted by Olivia Giles on Tuesday, June 18, 2013,

On a Tuesday in July, I returned home from work to find the house empty of everything except my clothes, my Formula 1 magazines and my toothbrush.  Propped up on the mantelpiece where our children’s photos used to sit was a letter from my wife Anna, informing me of her intention to divorce me. 

Scrawled at the bottom, seemingly an after thought, was a postscript stating she would be keeping my children and the cat, but we could negotiate the budgie. 

I sat on the floor in the centre of my emp...

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Pre Launch Madness

Posted by Olivia Giles on Sunday, June 9, 2013,
Right now things are just crazy, I had to drag myself away from another job to write these few words.  

The Book Launch is this Saturday and I'm stressing out, the rest of the Dusky Crew are telling me to pull my head in, but I can't help it, having anxiety dreams.  It's just crazy.  We did a walk through of the venue today, it was so exciting.  
Was interviewed for Hutt News on Thursday, and the journo who did had interviewed me before. When I was shortlisted for Huia. 

My only diva-ish demand ...
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 The Selfie collection
I have now disclosed my obsession with myself hahaha Actually these are photos I've taken over the last two years when I've felt so bloody sick I wanted to, literally, be asleep all the time.  
Instead I slapped on some lippy and took a pic of myself.  
Click pics for exciting *yawn* fun facts.

I just realised from the pics I have like three outfits.

Not good at keeping a diary, my brain is a bit too random but will have a decent go at it.   

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