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What are brains???????

Posted by Olivia Giles on Sunday, March 30, 2014,
This morning my husband and I were sitting in a small cafe in Plimmerton waiting for our Sunday treat, breakfast, alone, together.
The conversation ambled through various topics, tv, music, noisy neighbours, movies, science fiction eventually pouncing on 'Star Trek' the new franchise films.  Because of Benedict Cumberbatch....*droooool*

Personally, I didn't get the first of the new star treks at all.  All the string theory, black hole, alternative universe, existence stuff, sailed straight over...

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blogger block

Posted by Olivia Giles on Thursday, March 27, 2014,
I know...I know I have to do something about my blog.  
Be more regular or plenty of fibre so the prose flooooooooooooooow...

 I've been so busy over the past two months I haven't thought about anything but going overseas and getting the book finished.  
Honestly, I havn't had a brain cell left to think about writing anything else.  Especially blabbering on about what I've been doing which is working and real hard.

I was told that to be a good writer you have to constantly aware ...

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 The Selfie collection
I have now disclosed my obsession with myself hahaha Actually these are photos I've taken over the last two years when I've felt so bloody sick I wanted to, literally, be asleep all the time.  
Instead I slapped on some lippy and took a pic of myself.  
Click pics for exciting *yawn* fun facts.

I just realised from the pics I have like three outfits.

Not good at keeping a diary, my brain is a bit too random but will have a decent go at it.   

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