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Posted by Olivia Giles on Friday, September 21, 2018, smile

I have actually been writing blogs over the past couple of months  but I haven't been telling anyone. I just wanted to get my thoughts down in words so my bwain didn't get all clogged up. 

Anyhoo...this week was pretty dramatic
.  Scotty hurt his hand Monday night; he got kicked in the fingers by an over enthusiastic guy at Karate.  My husband said it was his own fault as he had blocked the kick wrong.  He walked into the house and said, 'babe, you are going to be really pissed of...
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The wussy Gardener

Posted by Olivia Giles on Monday, September 3, 2018,
Yay spring has sprung!!!!!!!! *dancing around the room*
No, not really dancing. 
I'm not out of the winter doldrums fully yet and the 'depression' who I have nicknamed 'Karen', as I HATE the name 'Karen' with a vengeance.  Sorry to all the Karen's I haven't met that may not be betraying conniving slag.
Anyhoo, 'Karen' has hung around a bit longer than expected and even though it gave me a few days off a couple weeks ago so I could go out to a Marae function where I caught the flu.    So even w...
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Not good at keeping a diary, my brain is a bit too random but will have a decent go at it.   

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