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Little Brown Princesses

Posted by Olivia Giles on Tuesday, June 8, 2021,


When I was a little kid I was in a very bad car accident.  I was hit by a van outside my Aunty and Uncles house. 
I was at the front window waiting for my parents to come back from wherever they had been and pick me up.  When I saw their car arrive, and park across the road, I ran out of the house to it, straight into the path of an oncoming van. 
The driver had no chance, and I was hit head on and thrown a fair distance to land in a bloody heap on the road.
I remember two things from t...
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And another thing..

Posted by Olivia Giles on Friday, June 4, 2021,

Where the magic happens

Rejection is painful. And as an artist I leave myself open for rejection every single time I do anything.  There is no way around it.  I have learned that when it happens  you have to feel it, all of it, every gutting shitty moment of it,  because it will pass.  Everything passes.


I just got a rejection letter from 'Pikihuia Short Story Competition" telling me that none of the stories I entered made it through as finalists.   
It was a very nice letter, but the t...
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 The Selfie collection
I have now disclosed my obsession with myself hahaha Actually these are photos I've taken over the last two years when I've felt so bloody sick I wanted to, literally, be asleep all the time.  
Instead I slapped on some lippy and took a pic of myself.  
Click pics for exciting *yawn* fun facts.

I just realised from the pics I have like three outfits.

Not good at keeping a diary, my brain is a bit too random but will have a decent go at it.   

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