I have to say I am totally in love with that "Hunger Games" girl - whats her face - you know the girl with the cheek bones and the sparkly eyes who was convincingly mental on "Silver Linings Playbook".  

She's almost as gorgeous as Thorin, the hot lead Dwarf on the Hobbit.  

Although the sizzling Elves on the Hobbit can give the Dwarves a run for their money.  Especially the one who's riding a Reindeer.  

Hot Dwarves, sexy Elves, geezzzzzzzzzz, where are all the real men at?  The manly man's.  The ones that make you go 
'oooohhh ahhh, lost my bra, don't know where my knickers are' 

Nowadays most of the big big stars out there are a little bit too seeeeensitive, deep, and ummmm pretty.   I like muscles, big bulgy ones on guys who are uncomplicated.
 Like my husband.
 When he's staring into space, looking as if he's thinking about nothing....he is honestly thinking about nothing.  He has no layers, no hidden shades of meaning and he can't be arsed lying.  So when he says something, he means it.  I think that little door between his brain and mouth fell off its hinges a long time ago.  

Anyhooooooooo....segueing back to the 'Hunger Games" girl.  I think shes cool, I mean there are so many celebrities out there who are gorgeous, skinny and good actors, but she is on a level with people like Emma Thompson and Joanna Lumley.  Shes beautiful, real and okay with making a total twat of herself.  
That's true beauty.
 If you're okay falling on your face at the Oscar's, you are the girl for me.  Also, she really gives awesome interviews.  It's pretty obvious the cat door between her head and her mouth is flapping in the breeze.  

 I did an interview for Maori Radio, and its above this blog page...have a listen, I edited my ums, oohs and ahhhs and repetitions out, so its not as rambly and because I wasn't in the studio the interviewer is a lot louder than me.  But give it a go...not fond of the sound of my own voice but who is.........Aroha maixxxxxxxxx