I have just gone through the nightmare of pressing enter on this blog and having the 45 minutes worth of writing disap-bloody-pear and I am fighting the urge to punch a hole in the computer screen.  The most annoying thing is, what I wrote was pure genius, and now its gone forever as I am the spontaneity queen.

 I know it had something to do with stealing nuggets of life, reality TV and peanut m&ms, beyond that its gone into the ether and will probably show up in some other writers blog.  

Damn, and it was so good too.  

Why peanut M&Ms?  I have a debilitating addiction to them.  I also have an addiction to ,crime shows like 'Bones', 'Criminal Minds' and 'Silent witness'  although I have to watch these show not looking at the screen for 80% of the time because I'm a total wimp and any trace of ickyness has me behind the couch.  I also love or books by Ruth Rendell, PD James, and of course Agatha Christie of which I have read EVERYTHING.   

But, I have to write, as that is what I do.  So I spend at least 14 hours a day in my office, sitting at the computer writing...writing...writing.   Currently I am working on 3 novels, 2 short stories and some other publicity and workshop stuff that I hate, because it involves using other parts of my brain which I've let atrophy over the years.  

The problem is that being a writer, which I love and adore,  accompanied by an addiction to peanut, chocolate and toffee treats is causing my ample goddess like proportions to expand and having to buy bigger jeans is becoming a pain in my ever spreading arse.