The thing about Blogs is that my life isn't exciting enough to fill more than a couple of lines a month.  I spent most of my time working, and there ain't anything fascinating about it - arse meets bed - fingers clatter over laptop keyboard or when designing its draw, draw, draw,  scan, photoshop, click mouse, click mouse, click mouse.  That's it.

So I am going to cheat...I'm going to take bullet points out of my gratefulness journal...(yes I have one - shut the hell up!)


Being alive

Things to be especially grateful for today -
1. Waking up to a hot cup of tea.
2. I don't have to wear high heels ever ever ever again (thank f*ck)
3. The end of my Novel 'Thread through the whariki' came to me as I was writing and tied absolutely everything together in 300 words, it was AMAZING so now I just have to write the denouement and its all over, *sad face*
4. Dark blue eye-shadow
5. The gorgeous comfort of macaroni cheese with bacon.

Five things to be grateful for -
1. Illustrated Encyclopaedias
2. The amazing brilliantness of my children
3. My husbands amazing cooking
4. $2 baby wipes
 5. Knowing that I know absolutely nothing so my mind is perpetually open

Ten things to be grateful for Labour day -
1. Sunshine
2. Lavender
3. Kind people
4. Scotty Giles yummy Hamburgers
5. Bees in the garden
6. All the women that work so hard all over the world to feed, shelter and clothe their families
7. Education
8. Laughter
9. Love
10. Freedom

Smarty pants-ness

I just got my first piece in a literary journal, a poem, which was amazing, I wrote a poem, I'll stick the link in this blog when its published.  The most fun I had was writing a bio in less than 50 words. 

Check this out.

Olivia Aroha Giles is a writer and an artist from ‘The Nui’ who lives in ‘P-Town’. She writes adult and young-adult novels, historical non-fiction and illustrated story books. She uses her middle name on her books so people know she’s Māori. She loves egg and chips..."

Love Olivia xxx