A bit of background may be in order.
When I was born we lived in Island Bay.  When I was about 2-3 we moved to Wainuiomata, now commonly referred to as 'The Nui'.  This amazing valley is home of fantastic Rugby, Orongorongo National Park and Wainuiomata 'Riskend' Golf Course. And, of course, my childhood.
I remember nothing about Island bay but Mum told me we had lived on Melbourne road and had to climb a long rickety stairway from the main road to get to our home.  She said she used to lie to me to get me up the stairs.  'Only five more steps, five more.'  I obviously couldn't count or I would have worked out 79 wasn't five.  But I was a thick and trusting child.
What I remember the most about my childhood in Wainuiomata was a lovely garden. The front of the house had a big boarder filled with gorgeous flowers and harakeke and the back yard was an orchard and vege garden.  It was magical with such exotic plants such as Passion-fruit vines and an apple tree which had - due to my fathers expertise in grafting - many different kinds of apples. I remember strawberries, peas (there is no comparison to fresh stolen peas) silverbeet (now called chard for some weird reason) and all sorts of other wonderful delicious vegetables.  I remember it as some golden dreamy place - when I think about gardens that is what I see, a dreamy golden place.

Oh Whittakers, you are criminally delicious and I have to say goodbye, I've loved you all my life but its over...*sob*

Getting crap outta your life
I have a lot of books, I don't know exactly how many but they take up a bit of room, I also have multiple copies of books because when my children move, a lot of the time, I become the kaitiaki of their books until they find spaces for them.  I love books.  I love everything about them, the stories of course but also the look, the smell, the heft, the weight and the way they look in bookshelves.  I think each and every one of them is a work of art.  I have silly little things that I've saved through the years and pieces of artwork, mostly mine, but I do have other pieces of gorgeous art.  
I love all these things but there is nothing I have that I couldn't leave behind.  I mean nothing.  I'm emotionally connected too people rather than things.  But even there