Showing off my Cailin Moran, Cruella De-vill, Yvonne De Carlo ( Lily Munster)
grey streak in my - completely natural - hair
I am 52 and I am working my way to white hair and a black streak

Yes, you read the headlines right, I have fallen in love.

I have fallen head over heels in absolute adoration and love with an amazing woman, feminist, author, columnist, screenwriter, incredible, uber fast talking (as in the fastest talking woman I have ever heard, is there a word faster than fast than she is it talking)  screamingly, hilariously, hairy-lariously (no this isn't a tautology, read her book "How to be a Woman" for full explanation) beautiful, and I MEAN beautiful in the "I want to sit across from her and stare into her sparkly eyes for hours and hours kind of beautiful, woman.


Before anyone rings someone for a gossip and says, 'Ha! I knew it, I always thought *insert appropriate name* 1.Olivia 2. Aroha 3. Mum 4. That bitch and Scotty's relationship was too good to be true blah blah blah...'   
Keep ya hair on.
Yes It is too good to be true and still fecking true,  and it is also chugging along merrily thank you.  

Pish and fwor....this isn't that sort of love, and besides, I fall in love all the time, he knows this and frankly he is very shruggy about it.  
My falling in love is always
without exceptionan intellectual, physical and spiritual,  fascination with a person who are just too amazing and awaken something in me, that wants me to have tee-shirts printed and run after them shouting I'm with her or him or them or shim - I dunno which, these non-gender specific pronouns haven't been sorted the fuck out yet.  
*takes a deep breath as that sentence was exhausting*
Okay back to falling in Love.  
The story.  This all started with a chance sighting on the internet when she interviewed another  recipient of my love Lena Dunham, who is so lovely and clever she just makes me cry.  I was stalking Lena on the "youtubes" as I am wont to do way too often, to distract me from finishing my new novel, calling it research, but actually just wanting to see her huge doe-like eyes and here her darling polite thank-yous and wonder how this tiny exquisite creature emerged from her 'land of the Giant' proportioned parents. 
(you're getting bored now I can feel the judgy energy)
 I found Cailin Moran interviewing her and gasped in a round-eyed "Oh my fucking God who the hell is that" sort of way.  
This woman could talk fast, I mean the sort of fast that I'd never heard before but could understand completely as I talk that fast when I'm excited about something.  
Also, ALSO she was wearing thick black eyeliner, green eyeshadow, cut off jean shorts, black tights and doc Martins, which I wish was my uniform for the 90's,  arrrrrrrgh and lastly of all what she was saying struck so many chords with me I felt like a fucking xylophone. 
I am and have always been a feminist, bought up in a house run by a feminist (my mother) who had many (what I thought were)  non-feminist leanings mixed up in her doctrinal in to eventually run the world.  
Like the idea of 'Men's work" and 'Women's work" which I immediately resented as it seemed to mean, to me, my sister and I did everything, and our brothers sat on their arses.  I have since discovered this is not actually true, there is for me "Men's work" and 'Women's work" but there is no parity or equity between them  and that is the fucking thing I found so fucking abhorrent.  
I mean, why does a man get a medal for looking after his own fucking child?  
When a woman has to do that, have a great job, get paid above scale, do all the fucking housework, look fucking "BARBIE" awesome and be a complete energetic flexible whore in the bedroom.  
Fuck that.
Have you noticed a lot of profanity in this blog?  That is done on purpose in honour of both Caitlin and Lena, who are as sweary as hell, just like me in real life.
So, as I always do, I decide to go through the 'Interwebs' and do a total binge on Caitlin Moran and find out all about her
I am still so amazed I haven't heard of her beforeas she had been around for a while, and then I realised that I have been off and on quite crazily busy and then ill during her rise to power.  So this for me is the best time to find her.
I am about to read all her books, yes ALL because I am that sort of intense, stalky, obsessive, bingy type person in everything that I do.
I love her because she is not a shouty angry person who hates men or deems them 'obsolete' which is just ridiculous.  
I love her because she writes what is going on in my head.
I love her because she is funny and not afraid to say, "when I was younger I fucked up badly and I did...."
I love her because she has kids and she wants them equipped for the world that they are actually going to grow up in not the fantasy world we are hoping they are gonna grow up in.
I love her because she loves her husband, and he sounds sweet and amazing and very much like my husband.
I love her because she is the woman I want to grow up to be, even though she is younger than me.
I love her because she doesn't give a fuck what anyone thinks about anything, but she is lovely and kind about it.

I just love her

Check her out also twitter her at @caitlinmoran