Seven months actually...

as I have been writing, and finally, to the relief of publisher, editors, and anyone waiting for my next book 'Thread through the Whariki' I finished it.
 Right now it is being read by the two most important people in my writing process - apart from me - and they will get back to me with their feedback...*bites nails anxiously*
No--no I am not terrified at all...or anything like that, I mean hey, its only been a fecking year of my life...grrrrr
Don't worry, that is just my complete lack of faith in my own abilities kicking in.  
Happens every once in a while...well all the time lately, I'm having a bit of a downer.  
It is tiredness combined with just wanting to get the bloody book out of my head-ness.
 I don't know if anyone can possibly imagine getting the entirety of a book on paper that takes a lot longer than it was supposed too.  Its like being pregnant for over a year and in labour for half of it. *albeit it is your mind not your body being painfully ripped apart, but it's still painful and bloody difficult.
Yeah I know, I'm dramatic.  Writers are  (inside their own heads)
It's just that I read a hell of a lot and everything I have read seems a damn sight better than what I produce, Damn you Austen, Rowling, King and George R R Martin, slaps all around.
Also, if your book isn't coming out of you as fast as it should be that means other stuff is stuck in there atrophying because it all has to wait in line.

My two novels in Paper Plus waiting for the third part of the Trilogy
on a shelf net to Patricia Grace *long quiet scream of hysteria at the amazing honour*

This year has been hard, physically, as my body is trying to deal with all sorts of ailments and I have to be OKAY with it all, which isn't easy as I'm turning into a real weakling,  
Lucky I chose writing and not bricklaying as a career ay.

Me really really tired at 2.06am because I can't bloody sleep

I havn't taken a break as I decided I need to get the other books out of my head before they disappear...One is a stand alone book about a girl who comes from Porirua and her family....working title "Till we Kissed" the Ray Columbus song from 1965, because it was the song I played over and over again while I wrote it.  The next novel after that in Tangled in the Vine...also dotted in between are shorter books untitled so far and a bit of a surprise.  

7 of July, I am judging a Wearable Art Show at Paraparaumu College, which is where my Son Nathan attended from 3rd to 7th form before going to work at IRD then a few other places before he decided to go to Vic and get a Commerce degree majoring in Economics.

Yes I consider myself the thicky in a family of geniuses.

So that's what I'm up to and toodles to you....or me if I am the only one reading all this...

Te Amo

Olivia Aroha Giles xxxxxxxxxx