Announcement....congratulations it's a boy...
My youngest child just turned 27 years old this week.  I am not one of those mothers who puts pictures of their kids up on their blogs because....he will shoot me, so, you will just have to take my word for it, he is gorgeous.  He is also probably one of the funniest and cleverest people I know.  Hopefully, some of that is from me but, I wouldn't put money on it.  
Ah feck it, he can shoot me....imagine this baby is now 6'2" or 187cm in modern parlance.

So, I was the crazy keto lady for 4 years, and I was strict....I was black leather corset and bull-whip type strict.  I lost a lot of weight, around 20k and then it stopped coming off and for two years I Keto-ed the feck out of myself and didn't lose a milligram.  So for 2 years I stayed the same short, boxy, gnome, that I am. 

Then, just before this Christmas I cracked...there was too much chocolate fudge cake in the house and I fell off the wagon.  Well to tell the truth I leapt off the wagon, gave the wagon the middle finger and ran away from it and hid.
So that was a few months ago and try as I might I can not seem to thumb that wagon down and jump back on it. 
I know I am putting weight back on.  My clothes are a little tighter, not that much actually, (luckily I wear a lot of "stretchy" and "black") and my neck is a little less scrawny. 
To tell the truth I really do not care about being skinnier except for the longevity aspect of it all.
Right now I am not Keto, in fact we had 'WHITE BREAD' in the house and I ate 'TOAST' with 'MARMALADE' for breakfast on sunday morning, and it was so fecking delicious. 

I have also been indulging in beers, every once in a while, well 3 times this year, to party with my favourite person, the Scotty 2 Hotty.  I am a very fun and happy drunk, my husband can attest to that.  But the next day.   OH DEAR GOD. I suffer. Which is why I gave up the sauce in the first place...the suffering made the fun not so worth it...and the suffering lasted a lot longer than the fun....days....weeks....aghhhhhh

This is where I play scrabble... every single day, as soon as I open my peepers, take my meds, and get my coffee, I play scrabble.  I do this for many reasons.  1.  I love to have a win first thing in the morning.  2.  It is expanding my vocabulary in a way more interesting way than reading a thesaurus or dictionary, or listening to over educated assholes.  

Interior Design
I am the only person in my house who cares about what the house looks like. 
I live with two huge blokey blokes who don't give a flying feck through a rolling bagel what colour, texture or tone anything is. 
I can change everything around in the house and they don't notice, unless I move their chair.   Which is the one thing I haven't done.  The dining room and lounge havn't been changed around, they aren't that big and there aren't that many configurations you can do.  We are however planning out some changes, like joining all three rooms together....but that is far in the future ...after the spa pool and deck and painting the house....oh dear, getting a bit carried away...
I am addicted to interior design videos for tiny spaces....the youtube beckons with such delights as "tiny eclectic amazing spaces" and "Home and Garden" and the classic, "Small Spaces, Big Style" and many many more.


I always wanted to be an interior designer, but then I would have to listen to other peoples ideas and ahhhh NUH, can't be arsed with that.
Interior design is about "You" or in my case "Me" and when you walk into my place you are basically looking inside my head ...or my soul and I am a complicated and very colourful mix.  

True love...tawooooo wuv...

I love my husband.  He is a very complicated uppy, downy, inny, outy person.  He is very clever but incredibly ding batty at the same time.  He thinks he is a very boring person but I don't find that at all.  He is passionate about the things he loves and couldn't give a flying feck about a lot of things that other people find important.  We are unbelievably different from each other, and at the same time, incredibly alike.  I have no idea how I got so lucky to be his other half but I am and that is awesome. 

But...right now he is driving me nuts.  He is training for his black belt in Karate, and has stepped it up from 2 days a week to 3...with an extra training on saturday morning.  I have to bite my tongue every time he groans in pain, or limps, or looked as if someone has kicked the living shit out of him because that is what he loves, being smacked around by his mates.  Ah well, what the hell can I do about that???

So that is true love, when you support whatever your loved one wants to do even when it leaves them covered in bruises and makes you fecking crazy.

Ok, signing off till I have a story to tell...Loves Olivia