Final night of recording for the Audio book tonight and its me, up there, in front of the mic....oh yeah, with a video camera on me at the same time, just to add that extra dimension of difficulty...I asked if I could be photoshopped down to a size twelve and was told..."no, I'm not a miracle worker.' 
I have to say, we are truly blessed to be working with Maaka McGregor, he made us feel comfortable and confident, using his production company was the BEST IDEA!!!!!

Audio book thank you...

The audio book would not exist without the inspiration and support of the following people.
Thanks to Maaka McGregor aka Maaka Phat for working with us so patiently and using his genius to create the audio version of the book. Thanks to the voice Talents of Ata McGregor, Ana Nuku, Bill McGregor, Lynda McGregor-Bradley, Mani Ah far, Scott Giles, Terina Ah Far, and Joel Tait. Thanks Nina McGregor for producing this project and pulling it all together.