Fear mongering...Computers

 Instead of freaking out that your kids are addicts ask yourself - 
  • Have you used net nanny or a similar App to put restrictions on the websites your child can access. 
  • Are they with you when they are on the net and can you can look at the screen at any time and see what they are watching?
  • Have they done all their physical chores before they go on?
  • Are they doing other things?  
  • How are you limiting the time?  Short spells like 10 minutes per hour or a long period of 2 -4 hours a day.
Remember you can close down the internet at ANY TIME, yank out the modem and hide it.  

Please, please, please, let go of the guilt.  Your kid doesn't learn from what you say, he learns from WHAT YOU DO.  Don't be telling him the internet is melting his brain while you're scrolling through your phone.
My youngest son has severe dyslexia and he learned how to read a video games called Skyrim.  
When he was a kid he designed amazing worlds on various computer games, he has learned more about world history, current events, culture, science, art and music then he would anywhere else.
He also discovered his life's passion on the internet.  Music.  He is a dj, he mixes music and he edits music videos and is about to go to NYC to study music.

He is a genius.  

Stop beating yourself up as mothers.  You can't compete with immediate access to the knowledge of the Universe, so filter it and be okay with it.  It is the future.  
Use it to your advantage, there is a lot of great educational content on there in the guise of fun.  
Just make sure they don't have any access to the stuff you don't want them to see

This is my opinion  - But be aware I am on the net everyday.  While I write books I am popping into social media to see what my friends are up to or add a pithy asides, I research, I read books, I watch movies and most of all I watch YouTube  videos to learn things like how to operate a new computer photo editing programme, how to clean a house properly to seeing the predictions for the upcoming game of thrones season seven and learn all the lore behind the characters to interior design for small living spaces.

So do you think I'm an addict?

I probably am by other peoples standards but this is the way I make a living. You can't write without material, and to get material you have to live, read, watch movies, go out and have caramel macchiatos with your cousin, listen to your kids arguing...
The difference between passion and addiction in a modern context is what will end up damaging or maybe killing you.
Monitored internet is not cocaine, and it won't kill your kid as fast as McDonald's, KFC or sugar laden Fizzy Drink will...put your energy into limiting the stuff that'll do the real damage.

I don't like seeing young amazing mothers getting tied up in knots and thinking they are damaging their child.  

You damage a child by withholding love.  You damage a child by being hyper critical of the way they look and act.  You damage a child by making their interests and passions trivial.  
You damage a child by standing over them and screaming down into their faces that they are useless and a waste of time and space.  
You damage a child by letting them look forward to something really special and then telling them at the last minute they can't have it.  You damage a child by beating the crap out of them because you are in a bad mood.  You damage a child with silence. You damage a child by never apologizing when you are a human being and fuck up.  

Never think you damage a child with love and concern, that isn't possible.  


Now you can argue with me but I am at that crabby old bitch age where I don't give a crap what anyone says.  I also want you to know that I am totally okay with you thinking I am talking crap.  That is what opinion is.  I've been there and done that and what is the best proof, my kids can function and support themselves in this world without ever asking me for money (probably because they know I don't have any)  I think I fulfilled my mothering brief.
Also, talk to your kids, tell them how you feel.