No picture as my camera toting laptop has died and I have my husbands non camera toting laptop

The only noise you hear out of my room at the moment are the keys of my laptop clicking away like Spanish castanets and Nigella, Ina Garten (the barefoot contessa) and Nigel Slater talking food at me.  Also the sound of my arse growing fatter, if I didn't usually eat only hummus and rice crackers during the day.  
But I love dinner with my husband and son.  I haven't been cooking lately as I've been ill again, they are trying to balance out the meds, this means that I feel crap until they actually get it sorted.  (God knows when that is gonna be)
I have two laptops, one is for writing and the other is for doing everything else.  (I also have a giant screen and a PC on the opposite side of my room which I use to design oh and watch English costume dramas)  I think most writers do that, because the biggest stealer of time, is the Internet and Social fecking Media, which is a biggest technological curse that has been thrown at the world.  
The thing I love about these three cooks is that fact that they cook real food, the food that memories are carved from.  They are also people who are so far removed from the life I live it's like looking at a fairy tale world of beautiful pristine benches and kitchen floors, ovens that do exactly what they are supposed too and kitchen appliances that work.  None of that happens in my kitchen because the boys I live with (my husband and son) haven't quite got the handle on CLEAN.  Now they try, they do, I think it must be a vision thing.  I really do not think that these guys can actually recognise what is mess.  
Now the men in my family, (my brothers and father) are clean, to a scary level.
Also they all seem to have fantastic mates who drop in for these gorgeous huge meals, and the truth is, I used to have the best parties when my second husband David was alive, people coming over for big brunches to drink beer and watch rugby or league. 
I miss that.  
I want to do that again but we have a few problems.
I don't have those friends anymore, I don't drink anymore, I don't want to spend the day watching people get smashed.  
But I do wish sometimes I could be okay with my husband inviting his friends over for a party...if I liked his friends.  
Oh man....where is the compromise.