I am political--as red as a Trotsky cherry--my husband is not.
Council elections are on and a candidate came to the door...Scotty opens the door and say's 'No, not interested bye,' 
I'm yelling "ask him if he wants a cup of tea.'
Scott's like 'Nuh,' and slams the door.
'Why?' I gasp in disbelief. 
'Not interested.'
I'm like 'What the &*^%$*()_*&^%$, get him back here, tell him he can put a hoarding in our front yard, ask him about his policies...blah blah blah...'
Then my husband gives me that look. You know the one. The look that say's 'I can't hear anything you are saying, I'm almost at the next level of "Assassins Creed" and you're standing between me and the PS3...move your ass.'