Oh my Goody goody gumdrops, lots of stuff gone on since the last time I talked to yaz all.
Settle down, get a drink, make mine a G & T.  

As you may or may not know, I had radiation therapy which seems to be fixng a lot of what is wrong with me...mostly to do with the mad mood swings that I'e had for what feels like forever.   (My husband laughed when I read that out to him)  It's not like I've turned into a Stepford wife and  stopped having moods - but I have reasonable ones which don't lead to physical violence to myself and others and, for the first time in my life,  I can actually walk away in the middle of a confrontation which is like OMG, amazing!  (Not that I don't spend weeks or months planning my adversaries torture and eventual death however, lucky I'm a writer isn't it not an assassin.)

So the BIG NEWS is the Launch of my new book "Feather from the Kakahu" is happening on November on the 14th, 2 - 4pm, at the Thistle Hall, Upper Cuba Street, Wellington,
 RSVP 04 237 7455.  
Please do come, we're having an exhibition of jewellery by Keri-Mei Zargrobelna, Photography by big Mark, and a exhibition performance by "PLUNDAH" Turtablist extraordinaire (someone I actually gave birth to) Also, we will have some illustrations from Ruth Robertson-Taylor who is currently collaborating with me on a book.  

I have a friend, her name is 
Nicole Rinke Wijngaarden 
We met a few years ago working on a project together and kinda kept in touch ever since. She's also bought my books which just makes me want to hug the hell out of her.  
 I remember the first time I met her, and she is one of those WOW people, you know what I mean, she is everything I love, energetic, beautiful, self confident, tough, with the coolest husband and kids.  
At the moment we are facebook buddies because she has a full on amazing life and I don't get out much, so we exist in this place where she reads my facebook and I read hers.  
She hooked me in to #100happydays which is an fantastic thing where you write what you are are happy and grateful for, everyday, for 100 days.  
I have never been able to keep a diary and something it is a struggle to blog (you know this, as you have been waiting for this page for almost a month) but #100happydays has been a way for me to re-focus on what is important.  
That is what I have as opposed to what I want or feel I should have.  
It has also shown me the magic of my personal happiness.  
I am fecking unbelievably happy every single day.  There may be moments of emotion and teariness ( a few more than usual over the past couple of days) but it is minimal as the majority of my life is just fecking fantastic and I am happy and very, very, VERY grateful for that.