Okay Okay Okay, Im a slack bloggist,  its been aaaaaaaaaaaages.  Ive been trying to power through my Novel.  92k words so far, yeyeyeyeyey and to do that I have to disappear into the creative side of my brain, which means the other part of my brain, the bit that does the shopping, cleans the house, writes marketing collateral, emails, keeps in touch with family, sews my sons jeans and writes blogs lies down and goes to sleep.  
Anyway, Ive left one of my protagonist tied up in a darkened room scared out of her wits so I have to be pretty quick on here.  I went to the library to deliver their books, which was awesome.  I walked into Paper Plus and saw my books displayed on the wall and almost wet my pants.  Yes I am that excitable.
My daughter is in Holland on her big OE and one of my characters, another young woman, who is on her own big OE and she gets into a hell of a lot of trouble so thats freaking me out a bit.  And my memory is going...I sat in a cafe for two hours waiting for someone and got really pissed off, firing of annoyed txts only to realise it was the wrong freekin day....DUH!