I can't move furniture because all my muscle strength is in the lower half of my body where it pushed out my munchkins at various points during my more youthful years.  I also can't because I am old and more to the point I can't be arsed,
As far as I am concerned that is what MEN are for.  Go on, you may bleat on about equality, I don't care, Ive seen equality and.- as far as I am concerned - yes I love that phrase and I will be using it a lot - it is a lie to get women to do even more work than they already do.
What we need is EQUITY.  Which is that all work, including what is considered traditionally "Women's work" should have equal STATUS to traditional men's work. 
 Yeah folks, that is s the kind of equality I want.   
if I had that then I could have been home with my kids instead of working and missing them and feeling shit and guilty about not being home.
I never wanted a career in an office, BUT, I got told a LOT that I should have one and more than that, that I should want one. 
 I wanted children and a home.  I didn't want to be a wife, but how else to you get the children and home.  There may be a ways and means around marriage now but back then every single thing in society aimed you at it and shoved.
Bringing up kids to be caring loving empathetic human beings should be at the top of the priorities but it isn't, its at the bottom, and I challenge anyone to tell me I'm wrong.

Putting money into the result of not putting it into supporting parents is crazy.