My son Nathan Henare Astwood, known to many as Naffa, was born on 10 July 2016,
Yes, this little angel, is going to be 34 years old.  He will be spending the day
 at Cape Kidnappers, playing golf and being treated like a king...well done.

He was breach birth and for weeks before he was born the doctor tried to turn him around.  
They couldn't.
It hurt.  (Me lots)
So they took an x-ray and he was sitting, facing my back,arms and legs crossed with a 'F*ck you' look on his face.  
Well he was born in Wellington Women's hospital and was almost half way out in the taxi outside in the car park, (two weeks early, after Id carried six bags of groceries up Brooklyn hill.  Ah Duh!)  


As you can see he was gorgeous. He still is.
 He was also brilliant, and he still is.  
I am not just saying that because I am his mother, no, no, no.  All of my children are creative, brilliant and talented.  
This kid could read the newspaper at three years old.  Draw great sprawling maps of the world real and made up.  He also started playing Golf at 5 with cut down but real golf clubs.
He was a super serious child and from the age of 4 to six loved wearing suits with bow ties.  He still rocks that look.
Now, he is beyond clever and we think he knows almost everything in the universe.

Nathan's 7th birthday Cobb and Co where he had his first traffic light. 

I could write all the amazing things that he has done and achieved in his 34 years but the thing I am most proud of is the fact that he is such a kind, lovely and strong man who is passionate about everything life.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nathan with is sister Jenna-Rose, his Brother Tamati ,
and his nephew Griffin

He is a great big brother and a fantastic eldest son.


Cheers ears, have a fantastic day,
Love Mumsyxxxxxxx