Shit happens

Okay, lately its been drama, drama, drama, all around me.  Other peoples drama, not mine.   (I can't share that with you it belongs to others damn it , I loves a good gossip) 
I don't get to have drama, I'm to busy in my garret (bedroom) knocking out my next masterpiece (playing scrabble on the computer).
By the time I am aware I am having a drama it has already passed me by and I'm like wait a minute, I'm sure something just happened...what happened??  shoot, missed it again. 

Maybe its Matariki, maybe its the moon being in the seventh house, or maybe it's Jupiter halfway up Venus's butt but weird and mysterious things are going on out there in the universe.  
I dunno what it is, but things are a-foot...

Morning Ritual

I don't do anything too woo-woo or out there but when I sit down to work I light a candle to invite the Muses in...they havn't turned up thus far but I live in hope. 

This owl lamp used to sit outside my mums house and I loves it.  

Then I play about six games of scrabble, the free one that's online to get the word juices flowing,  I can kick this game arse on level 1, even though I think it cheats and when in trouble and pulls other languages, which looks a lot like Klingon, out of its butt especially when I start winning.


Then, with the help of my beautiful assistant, the lovely Princess fluffy butt puss puss meow meow, I get down to some work.  This can be drawing, writing or general housework.  The latter causes me a few issues with the OCD that I have have been dealing with for days without number, along with all my other quirks and foibles (insanity and anxiety) 

The book

 At the moment I am designing a book that hopefully I will be publishing as soon as it is edited etc.  Here is the unedited version if you want to have a gander and yes I know it has a few typos, my brother, in his perfectionist ex-teacher-ish way, pointed them out *eye roll*  
He also asked what age range is it aimed at.  Well, it is aimed at me, and my age range is between 9 and 99 depending on what moment of the day it is.

The other book

I have a book called "A bag of Stones" which is a short story collection which I have been working on for 40 years...that sounds intense...but I wrote one of the stories 40 years ago...The rest of the stories are what I, and my editors consider my best works for the last 22 years.  Do we disagree...hell yeah, but that's what editors do, save idiot writers from the hell that is their own egos. This is a maybe for the cover...
I dunno...

love love love Axxx