Thoroughly enjoyable read
Josie Astwood 

Great story,
I have read the first 2 books and this is the best ending to a trilogy of a New Zealand story, I've ever read. Emotional, entertaining, and a darn good read.
Michelle Rattray

I just wanted to let you know I finished "Thread through the Whariki" this morning, I can honestly say wow I love this book!! I do not remember when I was so lost in a book that
I failed to take note of what was going on around me.
This series had me hooked and I could not put any of
these powerful books down.
TeRina Benchley

Thread through the Whariki is definitely the BEST book of the three.
Its wonderful, gripping, intense, poetic, moving. I think it is really something so special. I absolutely loved the way you weaved the past and present together... the characters.... everything.
Just wanted to let you know. You're amazing 🤗
Ata McGregor

"Heart of the Tapu Stone" Absolutely Fabulous! Would be a total understatement. I took my time reading it but as I got into the story, it had me captivated to the point I couldn't put the book down. And if I did, I couldn't wait to get back to it.
Lawrence Makoare 

I was given "heart of the tapu stone" and "feather from th kakahu" 2 days ago. Yesterday, i started. tonight i cant stop and riiiiight now? i just wanna tell someone, i fucking looooooove it" 💕
Kaute Mata

My Aunty Jacqui just called and said, "Do you know any cleaners in Whanganui?"
'No Aunty."
'I need one because I can't put your bloody book down and the house is a mess..."

I've just finished reading threads through the Whariki By Olivia Aroha Giles.  I really enjoyed it. Actually I loved it so much I let my house go to the pack until I finished every last page. 
Now I've got to rebuild my relationship with the members in our house as they have been feeling neglected. (Man and dog). Dishwashers been filled twice and vacuum cleaner is starting to protest. Washing machine dissent know what struck it and aue one look in the mirror tells me I better do something drastic about my hair.  
But whanau and friends it's all been worth it. 
The Author has carried me away and pushed me in and out of the past and present days with her amazing story telling. I've had to slow down reading the last thru chapters so I could live with the characters and the family's just a little bit longer and now I've come back into the real world to deal with reality. 
Great read whanau buy a book for yourselves. Support our talented niece cousin Aunty what ever we don't give enough credit for the artists in our Whanau and we have brilliant ones. How ever they need to eat so come on buy a book some t shirts. Let your imagination carry you away.  
 (Can you tell she's a writer too) Jacqui Brown (coolest review)

If you only read one book this year make it 'Heart of the Tapu Stone'. It's a story about connections, not just blood and family. You'll connect to the characters; you'll see yourself, your friends and your family in them. As they unravel ...the past which kept them apart they uncover a seething pool of secrets, some, with the power to tear families apart.It is addictive, must read, page turning stuff. Brojer

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