Whakapapa of Creation

Ko Te Kore

Te Kore-te-whiwhia

Te Kore-te-rawea

Te Kore-i-ai

Te Kore-te-wiwia

Na Te Kore Te Po

Te Po-nui

Te Po-roa

Te Po-uriuri

Te Po-kerekere

Te Po-tiwhatiwha

Te Po-te-kitea

Te Po-tangotango

Te Po-whawha

Te Po-namunamu-ki-taiao

Te Po-tahuri-atu

Te Po-tahuri-mai-ki-taiao

Ki te Whai-ao

Ki te Ao-marama

Tihei mauri-ora 


The nothingness

The void in which nothing is possessed

The void in which nothing is felt

The void with nothing is in union

The void without boundaries

From the void the night

The great night

The long night

The deep night

The intense night

The dark night

The night where nothing is seen

The intensely dark night

The night of feeling

The night of seeking the passage to the world

The night of restless turning

The night of turning towards the revealed world

To the glimmer of dawn

To the bright light of day

There is life