Where did this trilogy story come from?

Writing the first book 'Heart of the Tapu Stone' started with the making of Lord of the Rings in Movies in New Zealand by Peter Jackson.  As the world knows ‘Lord of the Rings’ was the biggest thing to happen to the Creative world of New Zealand, ever.  Almost the entire country was working on these movies, or knew someone who was working on these movies, or knew someone who knew someone. 
Being artists, most of my friends worked on those movies.  I had mates who were sculptors, painters, carpenters, costume designers, seamstresses, actors, stuntmen, stunt women, caterers, gardeners, horse wranglers, etc etc etc 
Almost everyone I knew was obsessed with that movie—in the customary Kiwi not being  impressed by anything way—and I was obsessed too.

In 1999 my young husband died unexpectedly. I had two teenage kids and a three year old little boy and I did not handle anything well.  
That was when ‘Lord of the Ring’ became even more important.  It was the only joy on the otherwise bleak landscape.
We went to the Embassy to see all the movies.  Saruman and the orks scared the crap out of us, but not as much as the Ring Wraiths in the first movie especially the Witch King of Angmar in the second.   
had to cover my son’s eyes for  Gollum and if you didn't bawl your eyes out during the emotionally gripping those films you are dead inside.  
My small son's (he is now 25) favourite is the 'Two Towers' mine is 'Return of the King' but I have watched all three together to a nerdish intensity (about 170 times).
Now fast forward to the release of the Box Set of the trilogy.  
Now there was a Director's Cuts which is, as far as we're concerned,  the actual movies, and almost as great as those, are the making of videos,  which we watched over and over and over and over again until we wore out the discs. (The box set is now an ornament on the Shelf. I will replace it one day but I really just like looking at it.)
It was while watching an interview with Lawrence Makoare, who had played  Lurtz, Gothmog, and the Witch-king who were all terrifying, but the person under all that make-up was so lovely.  
I watched him fighting Miranda Otto  the making of material, where he kept calling cut and stopping  to make sure Miranda was alright.   
I thought to myself, what a good guy, he should be a romantic lead.  
That was the moment the Character of Robert McGregor dropped straight into my head, fully formed, around whom I created an entire world inhabited by other characters.  
One day, after writing and publishing 'Heart of the Tapu Stone' and 'Feather from the Kakahu,' I found out Lawrence Makoare was close by, at a carving symposium in Otaki and my late mother Wai Turoa-Morgan was in charge of the food, and that it was his birthday.
I asked Mum to give him my two books as a birthday present in which I had scrawled a total fan-girl spaz out about how much he inspired me (I was way too geeked out to meet him myself).  

Kia Ora Olivia! 

First off let me thank you for the presents you 

gave me back in March this year. Although I am not much of a bookworm and have only read 1 book in its entirety all my life, which was "Behind the Tattooed Face" 

I finally had time since March to sit and read your books. 

Loved the humour of all the characters and the whole different storylines of them all. Then I went straight into "Feather from the Kakahu" which again because I was so into the story by now, that it didn't take me long to read because I didn't want to stop reading it.

It's a very powerful gift you have to capture a readers mind, imagination and time. But I would like to Thankyou wholeheartedly for taking me on that journey!

Totally AMAZING read! Thankyou!

Naku noa

Lawrence Makoare

"Heart of the Tapu Stone" Absolutely Fabulous! Would be a total understatement. I took my time reading it but as I gto into the story, it had me captivated to the point I couldn't put the book down. And if I did, I couldn't wait to get back to it.

A long while later he wrote back and and his email is right here, on this page.  So as I go into the launch of the third and final book in the series I want to say, the circle is closed and 'Lord of the Rings' changed my life forever.
Now the third book 'Thread through the Whariki' is on its way into the world and it feels like the end of a long, long journey.   There and back again...